SEAHAWK EXPRESS: MUST READ!!!   IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL RIDERS – It will be assumed that all riders have read and understand the following. Failure to do so does not grant immunity from these policies/rules as written here.

General: This service is meant to be fun and convenient. In order for both parts of that statement to be true, ALL riders are expected to respect and be courteous to ALL other riders. Children 10 to 17 are welcome with a parent or assigned ‘guardian.’ Ages 18 to 20 may ride on their own but shall under no circumstances consume alcohol.

Alcohol on the bus: Persons 21 and over may bring and consume alcoholic beverages IN MODERATION only if they purchase a ‘banquet permit’ online from the WSLCB and give the driver a SIGNED copy upon boarding. It is attainable at this link:   Use the Wineries Express name and address below to fill in the permit event location. One permit is needed at a cost of $11 for all persons in your group for that one day round trip. The driver still reserves the right to curtail excess consumption (by confiscating remaining alcohol and moving it to the separate luggage compartment until the end of the trip), if there is ANY indication the actions of any rider have negatively affected other passengers including the driver, or has become disrespectful and/or oblivious of their actions towards others. A bit of fun is one thing, ‘drinking as much as one can, as fast as one can’ with the intent to become inebriated will not be tolerated. In such cases the driver reserves the right to EXPEL that/those riders from the bus with no responsibility or concern for how they may complete their journey and no refund of any kind. The same applies to any rider who attempts to board the bus after the game in an obviously drunken state.

Wineries Express, LLC     115 South 2nd Street, Ste. E, Selah, WA  98942    office 509 654-9505

Depart times: TO game: The depart time from the Yakima Visitors Center North Parking lot will ALWAYS be an even four hours before game time. Ellensburg stops for pickup are to be approximately half hour later and should be very quick. There will be NO WAITING for stragglers. It is to be a quick boarding stop ONLY. No changes will be made for weather concerns. Four hours should be plenty of time. In the case of intensely poor weather conditions it is possible that the bus could arrive very close to actual game time, but will always be as quick as is safe. There is no way of communicating to 100% of riders that a change has been made. Postings on Facebook and Twitter to alert of schedule changes have not been successful.

AFTER game:ALL riders are expected to be back on the bus within 45 minutes of the game end. Most riders make it well within that time. If a rider has not boarded within that time the bus will depart without them. If rider(s) have experienced some emergency or change of plans, a call or text to the driver at 509 895-9733 should be made to examine possible options and/or give notice that they will not be making the return trip.

 Rest Stops: West bound, 10 minute tops ‘bathroom breaks’ will be at Indian John Hill east of Cle Elum and at Snoqualmie summit only. If you need more than that you are drinking too much. Home bound a stop will be added at North Bend. The bus will park for 20 minutes in the Safeway parking lot. You may stay on the bus or run for food and a restroom but please watch the time! The driver will give you a ‘be back by x time’ notice when stopping. Also, if there is a consensus to skip this stop by riders we will do that. The Snoqualmie summit is only 22 miles after that. A stop will be made there on a case by case basis. Then we will stop at Indian John as well.

Cancellations:  No Refunds will be issued for a cancellation. If possible to reschedule to another game we will do our best to accommodate, depending upon availability. Reservations may be transferred to another individual or group, but new reservation holders must also agree to policies shown on the website Seahawk Express tab, and your confirmation email.

Thank you everyone!

​Eric Miller

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The 2017 season will be the second for the 'newer, bigger, nicer' bus. It has 29 reclining seats, overhead reading lights and rear storage compartment, It has been very dependable with absolutely no electrical or mechanical issues since the giant industrial alternator was installed early last season.

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